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Celebrating Sewing | Freebie Friday

String Quilt Tutorial using ‘Aubade: a song to the dawn’ originally published on our blog here. Janet used ONE 5 inch charm square pack of ‘Aubade’ for this tutorial which made 29 squares (enough to make a table runner, place mats or two small cushion fronts), simply buy more charm squares to make larger projects! Cut charm squares. Take your time and cut each charm square into three or four strips (of any width). These make your ‘strings’. Place first string. I chose to place a dark indigo s

Why Winter Is Really The Best Time For Crafting

It is because of these ideals and sentiments that we love the winter season: being snuggled up under a blanket next to the fire and getting down to crafting some of those winter projects that you just don’t want to tackle in the summer months. You can get down and dirty with big projects such as quilts, blankets, chunky knits, hats, scarfs, water bottles, the lot! Once finished you also get the instant gratification of being able to make good use of them because it’s winter and you need them!

The story behind Lowery Workstands

To celebrate the launch of the exclusive new colours of the perennially popular Lowery Workstands, SewandSo took a trip over to the heartland of production in Lincolnshire to have a chat with Gemma Casswell – married to Ben, grandson of the founder of Lowery, Keith – who manages the entire operation. Lowery is very much a family owned and run business, more about the team later, but to set the tone, Gemma tells us how Lowery came into being.

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